Hitler hears the news about Global Radio

2 Mar



Quiz time: Ofcom has just seized the transmitter for which commercial station?

9 Aug

Online messages suggest our beloved regulator now has the transmitter of Dune FM in the back of a van, taking the station off air after being wound-up.

Come back at Christmas and compare my logo with yours

26 Jun


How to make sure you never work for the BBC again.. by Alex Belfield

27 May
This is a note from Alex Belfield posted on his Facebook wall
Hi Guys,

I wanted to write to you and let you know that this has been an incredibly tough week, in fact month. After 14 months of wasting my time and energy fighting the BBC Lawyers, I have agreed to accept a settlement over my treatment at BBC Radio Leeds.

I take no joy in writing this letter. Legal battles are incredibly stressful, time consuming and unbelievably costly. I did everything possible to avoid court action, sadly however the BBC did not take me seriously until papers were filed at Nottingham County Court.

As you may remember from my May 2011 Blog, I had a horrible time at BBC Leeds. I was treated appallingly. I was bullied, horribly manipulated and even received compensation for personal injury over a vicious stunt which landed me in hospital during Children in Need 2011. It was the worst year of my life.

After requesting all documents pertaining to Rozina Breen, my boss at BBC Leeds, through BBC Subject Access, I discovered that she had deliberately misled colleagues about my programme, behaviour and conduct at the station. We proved she was a liar and a cheat. The BBC were forced to disclose written evidence which gave us proof via Freedom Of Information. Rozina Breen was a hugely damaging fantasist who deliberately tried to ruin my BBC career in order to save her own. I am still stunned by her duplicity.

I took action at Nottingham County Court which was scheduled for this coming Monday morning. The BBC lawyers cleverly offered an amount of money that was far greater than what I was claiming. I therefore had no option but to accept their offer today.

You are legally bound to accept a highre offer than the claim as it would be deemed contempt of court not to accept, as you would be viewed as ‘wasting court time’. This of cause has prevented me from having a judge decide the absolute truth about her character and conduct.

Here’s the scandal;

This has cost the BBC, the licence-fee payer……which is you, nearly £30,000.

It’s an absolute travesty and I am devastated at this utter abuse of public money. The BBC had infinitely deep pockets and teams of lawyers which I did not. It’s a very tough game to win and I did very well to singlehandedly take them on.

I may appear to have won this case however I can assure you the lawyers are always the biggest winners.

The old saying is that the doors to the courts are open to everyone….so are the doors to the Ritz!

It’s a very exclusive club, trust me! I would never recommend suing anyone….EVER!

My legacy at BBC Leeds is that I got the highest figures in 6 years. Since I left the show has lost 10,000 listeners per half hour and 275,000 listening hours. Shameful.

The ultimate travesty is that Rozina has kept her job and continues to take her monthly wage from the BBC.

So there you go, I wanted to let you know what has happened. It’s terribly sad to be honest. It’s an absolute moral victory on my part. I had to win to protect my reputation, product and brand but I am furious that I had no choice but to do it.

I will never forgive Rozina Breen for her vindictive actions. An appalling liar who I have proved has no moral compass and will say anything to cover her own back.

Thankfully it is now all over and I will never have to write her name again.

THANK YOU to everyone for your love, kindness and support over the last 14 months.

I love each and every one of you, and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it!

Here’s the fun we had on the programme;


Anyone got £22.5k to save Dune FM?

22 Mar


Which radio station in the midlands has crashed?

6 Feb

A radio station, which will remain nameless, has been playing the same one second piece of audio for the last 24 hours on an annoying loop. Surely someone would have noticed by now?

We couldn’t possibly communicate the name of the youth station though, so you’ll have to work it out yourself.

I’m no Michael Fish, but I think it might be a bit breezy in Bristol on Valentines Day

17 Jan

Rumour has it Star Bristol will become The Breeze on Feb 14th. Welcome to the worst kept secret of the year and the most obvious prediction so far!